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This is not just another Website about Healthy Living

Welcome to to Alive and Healthy!  Thank you for visiting! is distinctive because it is spiritually based and uniquely gives you lots of helpful healthy living information, inspiration, and guidance not found elsewhere on the web.  It provides you with viable ideas and support for enjoying radiant health now.  We are here to support you in claiming and accepting your divine inheritance of perfect health.

Alive and Healthy Now is lovingly provided for you by Golden Key Ministry-Unity, the world’s largest Online provider of soul-nourishing food. This a healing prayer ministry and welcomes prayer requests for all good desires. Ask us to support you in prayer.

To truly be positively alive and healthy now and experience healing — it is essential to realize that you are a spiritual being. Therefore, you thrive best on spiritual ideas, guidance, and support. Everything else is secondary.

Your Body Is the Living Temple of God

Every cell in your body should be radiant with light, love, and peace.

When it is you enjoy the perfect health that is God’s will for you. 

The very joy of living animates you.

– Clara Palmer

Rev. John Adams is an ordained Unity Minister and the director of Golden Key Ministry-Unity, a world wide prayer ministry. More about Rev. John

Our intention is to assist you in the building up of your body, to be healed, enjoy radiant health, and to be Alive and Healthy Now!  As God’s deserving child, this is His will for you.  Read all the wonderful healthy and healing material we have provided, and kindly invite all your friends to visit, too. We welcome your comments.  Kindly write to us.

To benefit you most, in these pages you will find Health Articles, Alternative Healing Modalities, Healing of Various Bodily Conditions, Inspiration for Healthy Living, and much more.